A Huge Thank You to All our Participants!

The success of the MIREC study would not have been possible without you. All the data and the biological specimens that you and your child provided are contributing to a better understanding of the health of pregnant women and children. Very few studies in the world have enrolled this many mothers and children for research on exposure to chemicals during pregnancy and early life.

Our Biggest Challenge

We would like to keep in touch with you and your family over the years. As you know, the MIREC Study is the “mother branch” of several follow-up studies, and we hope to continue to follow you and your MIREC child as he/she gets older. And even if you and your child do not wish to participate further, we still wish to be able to keep you informed about new scientific knowledge gained from what you and other MIREC participants have already provided.

Canadian families tend to move around, so our challenge is to keep your contact information up to date.

If you have moved lately, or changed your phone number or email address, you can inform us by clicking on the following link.

Update Your Contact Information

Our Latest Follow-up Study Started in 2018

The MIREC-ENDO (short for endocrine) study focuses on the onset and progression of puberty, metabolic function and growth in children from the MIREC study. It includes three phases, so we hope to follow the “MIREC children” until 2027.

We concluded the first phase of MIREC-ENDO at the end of 2021. We aim to begin the second phase in 2022, with hopes that we can invite our participants back to our clinic for in person study visits.


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