Follow-up Studies

MIREC-ID, a Follow-up at Birth and 6 Months

In 2009, we received funding from Health Canada for a follow-up study called MIREC-ID (standing for Infant Development), to follow MIREC mothers and infants at birth and 6 months of age. In total, MIREC-ID enrolled 525 MIREC mothers from our Vancouver, Hamilton, Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax sites.

The purpose of this follow-up was to evaluate whether prenatal exposure to environmental chemicals had any measurable effect on the infant’s growth, general development and behaviour at 6 months.

We finished the last 6-month assessment in March 2012. The analyses for this study are also underway. As for MIREC, we will share with you all the findings and publications when available.

MIREC-CD Plus, a Follow-up at 2 to 5 Years Old

In 2012, we launched a follow-up of our MIREC children called MIREC-CD Plus, standing for Child Development.

MIREC-CD Plus focused on mothers and their MIREC toddlers from age 2 to 5. The study included a biomonitoring and a neurodevelopmental component.

The main objective was to assess the potential links between environmental chemicals exposures and child development, growth and behaviour.

MIREC-ENDO, a 3-Phase Follow-up from 7 to 15 years old

In 2018, we started the first phase of MIREC-ENDO, a new follow-up study of our MIREC children. ENDO stands for endocrine, the system secreting hormones into the bloodstream to regulate the body.

This 3-phase study focuses on prenatal exposure to environmental chemicals and their effect on growth, behaviour, language development and the general development of the MIREC children. The study is set to span from 2018 through 2027. The large time frame will allow us to capture the differing starting points and progression of puberty among the MIREC children.

Phase I was ongoing when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, which called for a modified approach. An at-home adaptation was developed to continue to capture important study data from our participants.

The recruitment of Phase II began in 2022, and will continue until March 2024.