Maternal-Infant Research on
Environmental Chemicals

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We started Phase II
follow-up study in 2022

What is MIREC?

The Maternal-Infant Research on Environmental Chemicals (MIREC) Study started back in 2007. Our goal was to examine the effects of prenatal exposure to environmental chemicals on the health of pregnant women and their infants.

From 2008 to 2011, we recruited 2001 pregnant women from 10 Canadian cities. We followed them at each trimester and at birth, collecting a wealth of data from questionnaires and physical measurements (e.g., blood pressure, weight). We also collected biological specimens from the mother (blood, urine, hair, milk) and the infant at birth (cord blood, meconium).

Since 2011, we have completed the MIREC-ID and MIREC-CD Plus follow-up studies. In 2018, we started a 3-phase follow-up study called MIREC-ENDO. ENDO stands for endocrine, named for the endocrine system which secretes hormones into the bloodstream to regulate body functions. We completed Phase I in 2021, and are currently conducting Phase II.

MIREC also includes a data and biospecimens Biobank, for future research. We refer to this body of research as the MIREC Research Platform.


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