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Discover a one of kind study on environmental chemicals that is getting international attention.

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MIREC-ENDO Phase 2 is underway

If you participated in the study during your pregnancy, now is the time for you and your child to help us take the next step in our research. You can play a key role in understanding the effects of contaminants on pregnancy and children.

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An unprecedented study with major impacts

By understanding how prenatal exposure to environmental chemicals impacts the health of pregnant women and their infants, we can influence the policies and guidelines that help Canadians make decisions about their health. The MIREC Study is one of a few large-scale maternal-infant research cohorts in the world. We recruited 2000 pregnant women from 10 cities across Canada.

About the MIREC Study Publications

The MIREC Biobank

Created at the beginning of the MIREC study in 2008, the MIREC Biobank has grown with each follow-up study. It stores all the data and biological specimens collected since the inception of MIREC.

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The MIREC reseach platform

Currently at MIREC…

Puberty starts earlier than it used to. No one knows why.

September 26 2023

By: Azeen Ghorayshi, The New York Times

Puberty is starting earlier, and no one is exactly sure why. This article in the New York Times addresses the rising concern surrounding the global decline in pubertal age. Read through the article to learn more.

Invited Perspective: Toxic Metals and Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy

September 26 2023

By: Lauren A. Eaves  and Rebecca C. Fry, Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP)

A recent study by MIREC researcher, Michael Borghese contributes to the growing literature surrounding the associations between toxic metal exposure and prenatal disorders such as, gestational hypertension and preeclampsia.

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